Trying to do something unique in vocational learning.

Learning Republic specialises in vocational education and training that supports the needs of two core client groups; employers and learners. Our combination of expertise and experience – drawn from the right mix of academic and practical business expertise in each client area – is creating a model of success and a reputation for imagineering life-chances through learning.

We strongly believe just a few good people can make a real difference and meeting our learner needs means that we deliberately choose to surround ourselves with the best people and partners we can.

In our world, learning is simply a process of active engagement with experience. It is what people do when they want to make sense of the world. It may involve the development or deepening of skills, knowledge, understanding, awareness, values, ideas and feelings, or just an increase in the capacity to reflect and think; really effective learning leads to change, progression, new perspectives and the desire to learn even more!

For Learning Republic: whether you want to learn for or in work, the key to your success is making skills learning happen where you are, how you need & when you wantin very personal and relevant ways that will best help you achieve what really matters to you and your employer and doing that for you, in ways that deliver real returns – i.e. the life changing learning and work outcomes you & your employer need to sustain you both.

We like to call what we do: imagineering life chances.

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