Learning Republic is a national provider of skill-based, accredited learning programmes ranging from:

  • personal development and work-readiness skills to
  • intermediate & advanced apprenticeships to
  • occupational NVQs and
  • a wide range of statutory certification programmes

delivered into multiple business sectors including construction, logistics, healthcare, security, retail, customer services, hospitality, manufacturing and more.

Learning Republic’s accredited programmes are designed to complement employers’ existing in-house training provision and improve each learner’s knowledge and skills by assessing their core competencies against UK national standards.

Our services support apprenticeships, diploma’s, literacy and numeracy qualifications, vocational certificate programmes & short courses and have been designed to meet the needs of employers and individuals alike.

With near 100 % customer satisfaction, achievement and timely success ratings, Learning Republic learners are absolutely at the heart of everything we do and our learning programmes focus on creating measurable change to drive business growth and support career progression.

At Learning Republic: learning is about imagineering life-chances, first and always.

Whatever your ambitions, start fulfilling them by taking your next step with a learning programme from our extensive range of provision options.

Call us anytime for more information: 0207 0521586