Our Ambitions for Better Learning

Without qualified, motivated and inspired colleagues who share its values; Learning Republic would simply not be able to make a success of its business and achieve its better learning ambitions.

Learning Republic prides itself on its appetite to deliver an ever broadening range of vocational learning programmes UK-wide; educating learners today, to meet the needs of industry tomorrow.

Our Mission 

Learning Republic believes in relevant learning, all kinds of learning, for all kinds of people, delivered in more relevant, better ways with one purpose in mind: to imagineer life-chances!

Learning Republic exists to provide outstanding learning solutions that meet the workforce development needs of the communities it serves, acting as a single trusted contact to employers and learners; working in partnership to enable learners articulate and realise their personal dreams through learning; while supporting the enterprises they work for to be more competitive, sustainable and successful in their marketplaces.

Our Vision 

To be recognised as a trusted, learning partner of choice for employers, learners, funding agencies and awarding organisations alike; with motivated exceptional colleagues who facilitate inspirational learning outcomes and who share a common, insatiable desire to imagineer the life-chances of every learner we engage.

Our Values

Learning Republic adopts these values to guide its everyday activities and future development:

Straightforward – Communicating clearly and concisely; Making it easy for people to work with us; Always being open, honest & reliable; Acting with integrity.

Helpful – To our learners, their employers, our colleagues, funders, partners and suppliers.

Care and Respect – Providing a safe, caring, understanding and nurturing environment; Acknowledging each other’s individuality; Celebrating our differences; Actively promoting social inclusion.

Innovation – Understanding our learners to deliver products & services that meet their needs; Striving to do things better than before; Taking advantage of enabling and emerging technologies to evolve the learning experience in new and creative ways.

No limits to learner service – Going the extra mile to deliver “extraordinary learning experiences” to both internal and external learners; Supporting outstanding IAG.

Empower and engage – Empowering learners to make decisions and take responsibility; Engaging with the communities we serve to add and build value.

Excellence – Encouraging a culture of self-review and continuous improvement; Exceeding expectations and benchmarks; Supporting vulnerable learners; Underpinning the inherent value of Maths and English in every learning journey we share; Striving to be the best learning provider we can be, always.

Differentiation – Leading in our field; Creating unique points of difference that set what we do apart from other learning providers.

We like to call what we do: imagineering life chances.

Call us anytime for more information: 0207 0521586